Hello! My name's Hannah.

I’m a writer, educator, career coach, educator, startup employee, podcaster, and perpetual learner.

I work at Praxis, a startup apprenticeship program, where I coach young professionals through the process of bypassing college and launching their careers in the business world. I’m the Community Manager and Apprenticeship Advisor, and I do a lot of curriculum development work in our education department.

My philosophy: if you want to learn about something, go do it — and never stop learning.

My motto: responsibility, competence, and freedom — always.

My topics of interest: education, skipping college, startups, literature, good writing, philosophy, ideas, economics.




I’ve directly coached/taught over 150 people by now — and over 100 of which were in 2018. Currently, the majority of my coaching efforts are focused on my work with Praxis (read more about that here), but I’ve done a variety of types of coaching in the past — writing coaching, personal coaching, and career coaching being the primary areas of focus.

I like to write. A lot. I publish regularly here, and I also publish quite a bit on Medium (so if you like my work, it might be worth my time to follow me there, too). Most of my published works are articles, but I’m also a sucker for fiction.

I’ve always adored asking questions and facilitating conversation, to the point that I’m surprised it took me as long as it did to realize podcasting was something I loved.

You can find some of my podcast episodes here, and stay posted for more projects coming up in the near future.

Welcome to the place where I document the journey.

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