My Story, in a Snapshot: Location: Southeastern PA, U.S. of A. Education: homeschool graduate, college opt-out, self-directed learner. Professional: Education Associate/Bootcamp Advisor at Praxis, book editor, videographer, portrait photographer, writing teacher, coach, copyeditor Creative: fiction writer, photographer, videographer Media: instagram.com/hannahfrankman My Story, in Long-Form: I grew up as a barefoot dirt road homeschooled child with long hair and a lot of spunk and a deep-seated curiosity for life. I was always the kid asking questions — whenever I went on field trips, I was the person with my hand always in the air. Education has been a common thread throughout my life — from designing my own curriculum in high school and being my own teacher, to teaching creative writing classes in the years after I graduated, to redefining higher education and helping young people come alive in my coaching work with Praxis. Other common threads in my story are writing and beauty. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a drive to tell stories that runs even deeper than my drive to ask questions. As Muriel Rukyser said, “the universe is made of stories, not atoms,” and there are a million stories around us to understand and to tell. I live in a small town, but I visit big cities often. I read copiously — for books are the windows to other times, places, paradigms, and souls, and I want to immerse myself in as many as I can. That’s how you learn, and I still haven’t made a dent in my deep well of questions. I love big skies and I love the freeway. I take a lot of pictures, and I like capturing things with words. I find meaning in life by making beautiful things and telling good stories. My Story, told in quotes: “Read as many of the great books as you can by the age of twenty-two.” — James A. Michener “To remember what it was to be me — that’s always the point.” — Joan Didion … Follow my work and my story close-up on Instagram.