The Long Story in Short Form: An Analysis of Storytelling Style

As of late, I've become fascinated by long stories told in short formats -- feature-worthy progressions captured in a short film, short stories that contain an arc as complex as a novel, novels that follow the development of a whole web of plots. Isaac Babel was my introduction to this concept in literature. He's a master of short stories. He uses juxtaposition, seamless transitions, complex and gritty ideas, and incredibly strong words to get the…

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The Long Story in the Short Film: An Analysis

I've been interested in film for a long time. It's such a dynamic and powerful medium for communicating feelings and ideas. Although I'm predominantly a writing person, I would argue that you can share stories in a vividness of detail though film that you can't come close to touching in any other branch of art. My favorite format is the miniseries. It's longer than a feature film, which dims in comparison; in a miniseries, you…

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Why I Do CrossFit

Why do you do CrossFit?" I get asked this question a lot. Sometimes when I tell people about my fitness habit they want to know if it's as intense as it's made out to be. Some people roll their eyes and say, "Oh. You're one of them." Almost everybody follows up by asking me why. Why I Do CrossFit: The Short Answer 1. I want to be strong. Scratch that -- I want to be…

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Meditations on Soul and Back Roads and Ethos

Life is complicated – there are lots of facets. But riding under all of them – or as a blanket over them – is ethos. Ethos is what makes your life yours – it’s how you give it flair, and vibe, and aesthetic. It’s style and signature and voice. What’s yours? Driving a sporty old SUV in the dark, in a light rain, with my windows partway down, down lonely back roads with Chris Stapleton…

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Fiction #2: Annapolis

She sat in a diner on Main Street and ate French fries with her fingers and wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and looked out at the rain. The waitress -- a thin-faced woman named Mary -- had to talk to her twice to get her attention. Called her "hon." Brought her a tall glass of cool water. She sipped the water and tasted the bay and looked out at the rain, listened to the…

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