What I'm Doing Now

Work: Community Manager at Praxis, and Apprenticeship Advisor — meaning I’ve switched from working with people in the first half of the program (where they prep for their first professional job) to working with people in the second half of the program (where they’re putting all those skills they learned in the bootcamp to use in a startup apprenticeship).

Side Projects: working as the Charleston Chapter Manager for Next Gen. Building an entrepreneurial community here in Charleston from the ground up.

Current Location: Charleston, South Carolina. I’m convinced I’m living in the best neighborhood in this city, which is Charleston’s best kept secret (except for maybe Melvin’s BBQ). It’s a secret, so I can’t write about it here, I’m much more likely to divulge if you ask me about it!

Currently Reading: a lot of Hemingway. Also, working through James Michener (his novels are all epics, so they’re big investments!).

Currently Learning: everything I can get my hands on about Charleston history. South Carolina is a fascinating (and very distinct) place — both economically and culturally — and I want to understand how it got the way it is. That means I’m doing as much of the Charleston museum circuit as I can — and there are a lot of museums here! I’m also spending a fair bit of time studying communication (an important thing to learn about as both a coach and a writer), and I’ve lately been interested in the effects of trauma (would highly recommend The Body Keeps the Score).

When I’m Not Working . . . I mean, I live in a coastal city right now, so, the beach. Gym, as often as I can. I’ve recently been trying my hand at painting again (I don’t pretend to be good, but I am fascinated by the way painting forces you to see the world in terms of shapes and colors).

Last updated: February 15, 2019

What I’m Doing Now, In Photos (Instagram)
  • Airbnb vibes
  • In case you wondered why this state's name means red. #colorado
  • Snow, pines, and a lake at '10,000. Not bad.
  • I learned tonight that Colorado means "colored red." I guess this state and I were destined to be friends.
  • Snapshot of my Airbnb this month. I feel like I'm waking up in an Instagram picture every morning, and yes, that's as good as it sounds.
  • Prepare for an inundation of photos of mountain roads over the next two months (while I'm in Colorado). At the rate we're going, looks like I'll be compulsively taking snapshots for a while.
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  • Been here two weeks and it's time for a relationship status update. I think I'm smitten.
#colorado #coloradolife #calledtobecreative #createtoexplore #loadedlenses #moodygrams #forgeyourownpath #nomad #instatravel #digitalnomad #travelgram #remotework #adventure #startup #digitalnomadgirls #photooftheday
  • "Michigan or Maine?" Still life from the third coast.
  • Pines, water, chill, wild expanse ... Michigan, you've found the way directly into my heart.
  • Lake-washed granite.
  • This place makes me want to walk and walk and never stop.
  • Big lake, cold water, good weekend.
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