On Bob Dylan and Creating an American Voice

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain." -- Bob Dylan Some artists are special. They open their mouths to speak and you can feel the universe resonating within their bones. You can hear the longing of thousands riding on their voices. You listen to their words and you see a mirror image of your deepest self. They are conduits, through which the pulse of the world rises up and is articulated. These greatest…

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Trust the Process

There is a force that exists, and it's called genius. Genius. It's what moves artists, inspires thinkers, drives inventors, feeds the ones that shift the world. There are people who are good at what they do -- skilled, adept, well-studied, even talented -- and then there is genius. Genius is the speaker who can enthrall the minds and hearts and ears of thousands. Genius is the artist who creates sculptures and novels and tall buildings…

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Analysis of the Sound of Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival's new album "The Education of a Wandering Man" just came out, and I've spent the day playing it as my soundtrack. The cover art itself makes it worth having in your life -- two men in cowboy hats on the wings of a biplane, with an awesome blue/green/western color scheme. Aesthetics don't get much better than that. Their sound is just as distinctive. They walk a line between funky rock and rootsy Americana…

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The School vs. The Soul: Notes on an Essay by John Taylor Gatto

I read a powerful essay today by John Taylor Gatto¬† (linked here). I'd highly recommend reading it -- it's a short and deep summary of the history of our public school system, the detriments of the system, and an argument that we don't need the system at all. I wrote the following notes in response. School Wasn't Designed to Benefit Us. It Was Designed to Benefit Society. Our school system was based off of a…

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