Meditations on Soul and Back Roads and Ethos

Life is complicated – there are lots of facets. But riding under all of them – or as a blanket over them – is ethos. Ethos is what makes your life yours – it’s how you give it flair, and vibe, and aesthetic. It’s style and signature and voice. What’s yours? Driving a sporty old SUV in the dark, in a light rain, with my windows partway down, down lonely back roads with Chris Stapleton…

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Fiction #2: Annapolis

She sat in a diner on Main Street and ate French fries with her fingers and wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and looked out at the rain. The waitress -- a thin-faced woman named Mary -- had to talk to her twice to get her attention. Called her "hon." Brought her a tall glass of cool water. She sipped the water and tasted the bay and looked out at the rain, listened to the…

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