Rules for Writing: Sentence Echoes

An important rule for good writing: always end a sentence with the most important word.

The last word in a sentence lingers in the reader’s mind. Think of it as having a resonance, or an echo. The sound holds long after the rest of the sentence has died, and it plays a significant role in the shaping of the sentence’s tone.

For example:

“… and they’re unprepared for the world of finance, specifically.”

The word that hangs in the reader’s mind here is “specifically,” which doesn’t make sense. There’s no value to having this word hang in the air. The reader is much better served if the most important word is featured:

“… and specifically they’re unprepared for the world of finance.”

Hear how much better that sounds? It’s more balanced and more polished, and most importantly, the word “finance” echoes long after the sentence is finished, leaving a distinct air about the room.

Always end your sentences with the most important words!

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