Live Curious, not Constricted

There are two different ways you can make decisions: from a place of curiosity, or a place of constriction.

If you’re making decision from a curious standpoint, you’re pursuing opportunities because you wonder “what if.” You’re curious about what might have been, what might be now, or what could be in future. You’re curious to learn more. You’re driven purely by a desire for knowledge — not afraid of anything besides not knowing.

You can use this curious mindset to approach a wide array of things — work, school, the things you study, the projects you take on, and the parts of the world you choose to explore.

On the flip side, the constricted mindset can be equated to operating from a place of fear. You’re making decisions because you’re afraid of potential future consequences. For every risk you take (however small), you have to think about the potential repercussions, and the price you might have to pay.

When you make curious decisions, you’re operating from an abundance and opportunistic mindset.

When you make constricted decisions (more commonly called “fear-based decisions”), you’re operating on a very small plane of existence — limited by what you already know and what you already know is safe.

Think about both options as you’re making decisions. Which approach is more fulfilling? Which is a story you’d rather be existing in?

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