How to Make Yourself Irreplaceable at Your Job

Here’s the bad news: you’ll always be replaceable. People at companies are replaced all the time. Sometimes they’re fired. Sometimes they take new opportunities and move on, and the company’s left scrambling to find someone to take their place. People who appear to be the backbone of a company schism and go elsewhere, and the company still carries on. Even Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was fired from his own company and replaced. If that…

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Quora Answer: How do Startup Employees Work for Such Long Hours?

There are two factors: stamina and ownership. Let’s talk about stamina first. Your ability to work, like a muscle, is built over time. Stamina is not inherent, but earned. You could ask the same question about running a marathon — “how do runners consistently run for such long distances?” The principles are the same. They start small, consistently push their limits, and build muscle and capacity over time. When you’re used to running 5 miles,…

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