Announcing My New Podcast: Talkin’ ‘Bout Praxis

I’m now co-host of a podcast, titled Talkin’ ‘Bout Praxis, and we launched our first episode today!

In this podcast, Praxis Education Director T.k. Coleman and I interview our program participants and alumni about their Praxis experiences — what brought them to Praxis, what they worked on in the program, where they apprenticed, what they learned, how they grew, what insights they obtained through their experiences.

Praxis is a catalyzing experience for our participants. They’re going through some of the most intense and rewarding experiences of their lives, and this acts as a catalyst for dramatic growth. In this podcast, T.K. and I have the opportunity to put that on display and showcase the awesome stories our participants have built.

Our very first episode features the ever-lovely, ever-insightful, and ever-inspiring Lydia Hodgson. Lydia hit the ground running in her apprenticeship at GoRealty in January of 2017, and in this episode she talks about falling in love with her new city (Pittsburgh), tackling an industry she knew nothing about (property management), running two departments in her BP at once, solving problems on the fly, and saying “yes” to opportunities even when they’re terrifying.

I highly, highly recommend checking this episode out. T.K. and I have fun (we always have fun). Lydia’s amazing (read: she’s herself, which means she’s amazing). And her insights on professional development and tackling life head-on are rock solid.

[Show Notes]

In this episode, we cover:

  • Falling in love with Pittsburgh after moving for her apprenticeship
  • What Lydia does at GoRealty
  • Hitting the ground running is the best way to learn
  • What Lydia expected/wanted going into Praxis
  • There is so much to learn through any experience and you can gain skills through unexpected tasks and job opportunities
  • You might think you have good work habits, but you need to consistently prove that through your actions
  • You need to step up and take ownership of your role and responsibilities in your career
  • What is the worst case scenario that can happen in a challenging situation?
  • 6 months backpacking in Europe – why Lydia went and what she learned from that experience
  • Why Lydia chose Praxis
  • Looking back on 1 year at GoRealty and what Lydia has learned over the last year
  • If you try something and you don’t like it, you can always do something else
  • You always have the power to choose your opportunities

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