Talkin’ ‘Bout Praxis Episode 2: Luke Ruffing

In Episode 2 of Talkin’ ‘Bout Praxis, T.K. and I talk with Praxis alum and SDR manager Luke Ruffing.

Luke’s a baller — he moved from Maine to San Francisco (East Coast to West Coast, small town to big city) to work at his first startup, PandaDoc, and then moved again before the end of his apprenticeship to St. Petersburg, Florida, to help his company open their new East Coast office.

Check it out:


[Show Notes]

In this episode, we cover:

  • Moving from Maine to San Francisco and then over to St. Petersburg
  • What it was like to move across the country to work at a tech start up with virtually no professional experience beforehand
  • Dealing with failure and mistakes in a new role and how to learn from that
  • Why diving in can be the best way to learn a new skill set
  • How Luke’s sports background helped him to succeed in his sales role
  • Why Luke chose to dive headfirst into Praxis and a sales role
  • Tips for interviewing well
  • Luke’s top sales tips
  • How to motivate young people/millennials in the workplace


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