Training Yourself to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs think differently from the rest of us. They’re idea alchemists — they see not what is, but rather, what could be.

The average person looks at a problem and thinks about inconvenience. This is a bother. This gets in my way.

An entrepreneur looks at a problem and thinks about solutions. This is what this not being a problem would look like.

When was the last time you thought like that?
Entrepreneurship is a creative force. It’s the alchemy of turning what exists into what doesn’t. It’s about finding solutions to problems.

It’s one of the basic human drives — the eradication of problems. But most of us don’t think in those terms. We look at problems as being static things that we have to deal with and work around, rather than being things we change.

How much of life do you assume is static (do you assume you’re limited by) that isn’t?

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