Ask Interesting People About Their Content Consumption

“What content would you recommend to me?” has become one of my favorite questions.

The above form is its simplest generalization; there’s ample room to make it more concrete. “What content on startups?” “What content on the topic of history?”

Interesting people become interesting, in large part, because of two things:

  1. The things they do
  2. The things they consume

The ideas they surround themselves with are the things that shape the way their minds work, the metaphors and framework of their language, and the mental arsenal of ideas they’re able to draw from when solving problems. The way you look at the world shapes the way you interact with it; the more deliberate (and refined) you can be in this regard, the better.

And who better to learn from than those you admire most?

I ask my mentors regularly — what content has been most influential on your journey? What content has been most useful in the development of x? The more specific, the better — so the best answers can be reached with the greatest efficiency.

Once you get responses — write them down. Order them all. Read them, mark them, take notes, turn into blogpost form, rinse, and repeat.

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