Diner Sketches 4.1.18

Location: Bob's Diner, Carnegie, PA Date: 4.1.18 (Easter) The Game: while waiting for your food at a diner (or any public place, really, though diners are most fun), choose and describe people around you. Don't give away any blatantly obvious details, but write with the intent that someone could look around the room and pick the subject out.The Sketches: 1. A waitress with too much belly -- she'd be the quintessential American girl, but she…

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Exercise Day 3

The Passage: Just forget for a minute that you have spectacles on your nose and autumn in your heart. Stop being tough at your desk and stammering with timidity in the presence of people. Imagine for one second that you raise hell in public and stammer on paper. You're a tiger, a lion, a cat. You spend a night with a Russian woman and leave her satisfied. You're twenty five. If rings had been fastened…

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