Diner Sketches 4.1.18

Location: Bob's Diner, Carnegie, PA Date: 4.1.18 (Easter) The Game: while waiting for your food at a diner (or any public place, really, though diners are most fun), choose and describe people around you. Don't give away any blatantly obvious details, but write with the intent that someone could look around the room and pick the subject out.The Sketches: 1. A waitress with too much belly -- she'd be the quintessential American girl, but she…

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Writing Exercise Day 1

For the next ten days, I'm starting my daily writing with a warm-up exercise. I'll randomly choose a passage from Steinbeck, Hemingway, or Babel, type it out (to internalize the language), analyze the style, and then mime it in my own vignette. Today's Passage: "We slept, all six of us, beneath a wooden roof that let in the stars, warming one another, our legs intermingled. I dreamed: and in my dreams saw women. But my…

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